Hey there! Ever wondered how your furniture could tell a cool story and be kind to the planet? That's what we're all about – turning used Irish whiskey barrels into unique pieces that are good for your home and Mother Earth.

Meet the maker

I'm Radek, the hands behind each unique piece, transforming used Irish whiskey barrels into bespoke furniture. Explore the warmth and character in every creation as we bring a touch of Irish spirit to your home. I started carving wood as a teenager. My parents own a small lake cabin in the Czech Republic where I grew up. Every weekend I would cycle there and spend my weekends carving spoons while watching wildlife. 30 years later in Ireland, I returned to woodcarving as a way to relax my mind. I was going through some rough times and woodworking helped me to forget about the outside world for a while. As my skills and passion grew, I began receiving requests for custom pieces. In 2018 I started making chopping boards out of my garden shed and called them Primitive Boards based on the nickname from my childhood. During a large order that involved working with whiskey barrels, I discovered the unique beauty of this type of wood. I was struck by the distinctive textures and tones of the burnt oak, which had been soaked in whiskey, resulting in a sustainable product that was truly one-of-a-kind. My goal is to design & create handmade wooden furniture that not only functions as a practical piece in your home but also serves as a unique focal point that reflects your personal style. Whether it's a coffee table, dining table, or rocking chair, each piece is crafted with the highest level of quality and care, making it a true centrepiece that will define your space.

The Barrels

There is a story behind each piece I create. The whiskey barrels we use have made an incredible journey, from ageing bourbon in the US to producing famous Irish whiskey in Ireland. The barrels were made from oak and used for ageing Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Heaven Hill and Jack Daniels bourbon first. Bourbon is always put into fresh casks so the used casks get discarded by the distilleries. These discarded bourbon barrels are used for ageing certain types of whiskey worldwide. The barrels we use were shipped from the US to Dingle, Ireland where they were used for ageing their famous Irish whiskey. This is where the life cycle of the barrels usually ends. The whiskey barrels we work with were used in a Dublin beer brewery for another 6-12 months to give their craft beer a unique taste and aroma. Finally, the 20+ years old barrels are given new life by turning them into furniture that carries a sweet whiskey aroma and a history that will impress any whiskey lover, interior designer or any person who appreciates hand-crafted wooden furniture.