Crafting Unique Furniture from Irish Whiskey Barrels

We are dedicated to creating sustainable furniture that tells a story. By repurposing Irish whiskey barrels, we reduce waste and preserve the historical significance of these barrels. Our designs blend functionality with artistry, bringing a piece of Ireland's cultural heritage into modern homes.

Why Choose Us

Sustainability at Heart
We are more than just a furniture business; we are advocates for sustainable living. By choosing our pieces, you support eco-friendly practices and help reduce waste. Our commitment...
Community and Tradition
Supporting us means supporting local craftsmanship. Our workshop in Dublin collaborates with local skilled artisans who preserve traditional woodworking techniques. We are committed...
Bespoke Craftsmanship
We pour our skills and passion into every piece, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship. Unlike competitors who may focus on mass production, we offer personalized, custom designs tailored...

Hand-made in Dublin, Ireland